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Read some original fiction and non-fiction stories about cats.  Click on the links below to select a story.

Authors retain copyright to their work, but have given permission for their work to be published on W. V. Cats.

Fiction cat rescue stories   inspired by a real cat, June Bug    

A Christmas Miracle, by Cindy Zydzik

One Phat Cat, by Jim Schill

February 2006 Story Topic is Cats in Love

March 2006 Stories Topic is Lucky Cat

Panthor's Sunshine, by Cindy Zydzik

Lucky’s Story, by Cindy Zydzik

Topic is New Cat in My Life

Topic is humorous cat stories

Butter's Story, by Cindy Zydzik

My New Brother, by Mark Webster

My Big Day Outside

By Ranger, typed by Mark Webster, the human


The Cat Who Came in from the Cold : A Fable (Hardcover), by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

The Cat Who Came in from the Cold : A Fable

Told from the cat's point of view, this fable tells how a  lone, nonsocial domesticated animal came to share hearth and home with humans.

Click here to buy Lillian Jackson Braun cat fiction mysteries Join Ex-newspaperman James "Qwill" Qwilleran and his Siamese cat Koko solve mystery after mystery.  Read all of them!

For teens and adults

Rainbow Bridge, A True Story About Rescue Cats, by Susan Cilyk

Rainbow Bridge, A True Story About Rescue Cats

The Cat Who Smelled A Rat The Cat Who Talked to GhostsThe Cat Who Blew The Whistle The Cat Who Dropped a BombshellThe Cat Who Lived High (Cat Who...)The Cat Who Had 14 Tales (Cat Who...)



For young readers and real alouds to children

It's Like This, Cat (Trophy Newbery), by Emily Cheney Neville

A story about a boy growing up, including misunderstandings with his father, and adventures with his cat. It teaches several lessons - respect, caring, helping.

Homeless: Sunita, by Laurie Halse Anderson

Sunita is a student volunteer at an animal clinic who has a special relationship with Socrates, the clinic cat.  Will she get to take Socrates home?

The Mystery of the Missing Cat (Boxcar Children Mysteries), by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Mystery of the Missing Cat (Boxcar Children Mysteries)

The Boxcar Children search for a missing cat, and try to make sense of mysterious events.

Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories About Jenny Linsky, by Esther Averill

Jenny, an orphaned cat, wants to join the local Cat Club.  Does she?

Click here to Find more Jenny stories

Jenny's Birthday Book

The School for Cats: A Jenny's Cat Club Book

Jenny Goes to Sea

Jenny's Moonlight Adventure

The Hotel Cat

Zack Files 07: Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings, by Dan Greenburg

Zack starts turning into a cat!  How will he get back to being a normal boy?

Time Cat : The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth, by Lloyd Alexander

Time Cat : The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth

Gareth, a cat capable of talking and time traveling when he wants to, and his human friend Jason, set off on a series of cat-based adventures around the globe at different points in the past.

Pioneer Cat, by William H. Hooks

Kate and her family join a wagon train heading for Oregon. Kate finds a cat and is determined to keep it. She hides him in the wagon. When Snuggs the cat is finally discovered, there is a surprising twist.

The Cat Who Walked Across Franceby Kate Banks

The Cat Who Walked Across France

Displaced when his elderly mistress dies, and feeling lonely and ignored, a cat makes a long  trip through cities and towns, to return to the  home he shared with her.  Will he ever find happiness again?

Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack

Angus the dog learns to accept and get along with the new cat. Great story for children to explore concepts of jealousy and sharing.

A Home for Nathan, by Claudia Roll

This book brings awareness to children about the need for responsibility and forethought when considering adopting an animal.

Go Home!: The True Story of James the Cat, by Libby Phillips Meggs

Go Home!: The True Story of James the Cat

This picture book, based on a true story, teaches children about kindness.  It's about an older cat with a collar, that everyone assumes has a home. In reality, though, the cat is lost, hungry, and desolate.

The Bravest Cat! (All Aboard Reading), by Laura Driscoll

The true story of Scarlett, who risked saved her life to save her kittens from a fire.  Written for very young readers.

Desser the Best Cat Ever (Hardcover), by Maggie Smith

A girl honors the life of a much-loved pet by telling Desser's story, from the time her father found him when he was still single, to Dresser's death as an elderly cat.

The Case of the Cat's Meow, by Crosby Bonsall

The four members of the Private Eyes Club—Skinny, Wizard, Snitch, and Tubby—solve the baffling case of the missing cat.  For very young readers.

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