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Photo Art by Margaret and Jim Schill 

Our photo art is edited photographs layered to create a scene or new picture.  We use photographs of our cats as the basis of our art.  Each of the scenes take a while to create, as there are many steps, some of which are exacting.  It is fun making these original designs and we hope you enjoy viewing them.  Please note that all our designs are our property and may not be used anywhere without our permission.

You can buy our designs on various products in our Cafe Press shop at  

Ballroom Cats ~ Fancy Dance Cats

This design stars Jolie and Seamus.  Minerva is dressed in purple, and Simon and Franny are dancing together in the background.  We have these designs available on gift cards, magnets, tiles, buttons, ornaments, calendars, bibs, mousepads, large stickers, postage pal, mugs, mini posters, and more. Click on a picture below to see a larger image or to make a purchase.

Ballroom Cats Mousepad  Ballroom Cats Framed Tile/Hot Plate Ballroom Cats Mug        Fancy Dance Cats Throw Pillow Fancy Dance Cats Bib  Fancy Dance Cats Infant/Toddler T-Shirt
Ballroom Cats Rectangle Magnet Ballroom Cats Calendar Print  Ballroom Cats Journal  Fancy Dance Cats Postage Pal™  Fancy Dance Cats Tile Coaster Fancy Dance Cats BBQ Apron
 Ballroom Cats Greeting Cards (Package of 6)  Fancy Dance Cats Ornament (Oval) Fancy Dance Cats Gift tag/Ornament (Round)  Fancy Dance Cats Wall Clock  Fancy Dance Cats Button Fancy Dance Cats Magnet
Winter holiday, Christmas Designs
Sandy Claws Delivering Gifts

This adorable, detailed scene features Marty as Sandy Claws, on his snowmobile, along with his helper Jolie, to deliver holiday cheer, using their trusty little red wagon.  Simon and Sumner are building a snowman in the background. Available on gift cards, mugs, rectangle magnets, cards, postcards, and small print.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image or to make a purchase.

 Sandy Claws Holiday Cards (Package of 6) 5 x 7"  Sandy Claws Mobile Mug       Sandy Claws delivering gifts Rectangle Magnet  Sandy Claws Mobile Mini Poster Print Cat with Snowman Gift Tag or Ornament (Flat Oval)

Close up oval ornament of Sumner making a snowman.

Sandy and Mrs. Claws Postage Pal™ Sandy and Mrs. Claws

Marty and Minerva as Sandy and Mrs. Claws.  Available on bib, round ornament, postage pal, magnet, clock and more. Click on a picture to see a larger image or make a purchase.

Sandy and Mrs. Claws Bib
Sandy and Mrs. Claws Ornament/Gift Tag Sandy and Mrs. Claws Round Magnet Sandy and Mrs. Claws Mini Button Sandy and Mrs. Claws Cats Tile Box Sandy and Mrs. Claws Wall Clock Sandy and Mrs. Claws Tile Coaster
Cats Getting the Tree

This detailed winter design features Simon, Sumner, Jolie, Galen and Seamus, getting a tree from the snow covered woods.  Excerpted images show closeups of a part of the design.  Available on a wide assortment of products, as shown below.  Click on an item to see a larger image, or to make a purchase.

 Cats Getting Christmas Tree Mug       Cats Getting Tree Mousepad Cats Getting Tree Rectangle Magnet  Cats getting Christmas Tree Calendar Print  Cats Getting Tree Greeting Cards (Package of 6) Three Cats with Tree Postage Pal™
 Three Cats with Tree Tile Coaster  Three Cats with Tree Tile Box Cats Getting Tree Mousepad Cats Get Tree Framed Tile Two Cats with Christmas Tree Wall Clock Three Cats With Tree Button
Two Cats with Christmas Tree Round Magnet Cats getting tree Postcards (Package of 8) Two Cats with Christmas Tree Mini Button Two Cats getting Christmas Tree Ornament (Oval)  Cats Getting Tree Ornament (Round)  Cats Getting Christmas Tree Sticker (Rectangular)
Sports Cats, Trucking Cats and Cooking Cat

Click on the items to see a larger image

Baseball Cat Postage Pal™  Baseball Cat Infant/Toddler T-Shirt  Sporty Cats Large Mug Sports Cats Stein  Sports Cats Mesh Backed Hat  Sports Cats Cap
Sporty Cats Calendar Print  Sports Cats Journal  Sticker (Bumper)  Trucker Hat Cooking Cat Framed Tile/Hot Plate Cooking Cat BBQ Apron
Hatted Cats
Hatted Cats Custom Postage  Cats Throw Pillow  Hatted Cats Tote Bag  Hatted Cats Button Hatted Cats Sticker (Oval)  

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