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Our Cats

As of August 2010, we have nine cats. The brothers Galen and Sumner (who don't look like like brothers, but are), Minerva, Jolie, Clementine, Skeeter (formerly Sparkles), JoeBob, Rey and Earl. We have had many other cats over the years, some rescues whom we fostered and then adopted out.

Read some vignettes of events that have occurred with our cats at Margaret's Musings on Cats.

We mourn the passing of Simon, who died suddenly on Feb. 4, 2007, at the age of 7 1/2.

Our darling Seamus was killed by coyotes in October 2008, at the age of 3 1/2, when he accidently got out of the house one evening at the time when three coyotes happened to be passing through our yard.


Galen (May 1999 -October 2013)


Galen Galen on ledge


Sumner (Born May 1999)

Sumner is Galen's brother. Sumner almost died when he was almost one year-old. Read about it here .

Sadly, Sumner now has cancer, but is doing well after an operation to remove the cancerous tumor.

Sumner Sumner intent


Minerva (born approximately 7/99)

Minerva was left in a box on someone's porch when she was a small kitten.



Jolie (born approximately 4/01)

Jolie was found abandoned in a parking lot. 

Read her story: Kentucky Jo

Jolie Jolie


Clementine (born approximately 7/06)

Clementine was found in a wooded area when she kept calling to Margaret, then came over and let herself be held and cuddled. She was apparently a dumped or lost tame older kitten.

Clementine Clementine


JoeBob (born approximately 2006)

JoeBob was living under the deck of a house we moved to. He was very timid of us at first, but finally relaxed into an affectionate lap cat.



Skeeter (Born March 2008)

Skeeter (formerly named Sparkles) was found outside when she was a kitten, having been left behind when her people moved.

Skeeter Skeeterplay


Rey (born perhaps 2002)

Rey had been living outdoors for a period of time before being taken in. He was a tame cat, but with a biting problem at times. After five years, he came to live with us, in trade for our cat Snookums, who needed to be an only cat. Rey made a few cat friends with us, and learned to not be so bitey with humans, so it all worked out well.


Earl (born perhaps 1998 - Nov. 2013)

Earl was an abandoned former pet cat who had lived on the streets for around three years before being rescued. He had diabetes and something causing his lungs to have reduced size with wavy margins (possibly fluid in the chest cavity).

Former Cats

Snookums (Born 1998)

Snookums was a stray, pregnant cat we took in. She gave birth to Galen and Sumner about a month later. She was adopted out a few years later where she could be the only cat, as she needed to be.

Snookums Snookums profile

Marty (born 2001 or 2002)

Marty was found on the streets, having been a lost pet cat. Later on, we adopted out Marty to a loving home, since we had to take in two other cats. Read Marty's story.

Read about some of our rescues and fosters by clicking here.

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